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Every bit as special is that we are the home of the one-of-a-kind, proof-of-concept prototype Phillips ST.1 Speedtwin aircraft. The Speedtwin is a two-place, twin-engine, aerobatic STOL airplane designed by the late test pilot Peter J. C. Phillips and completed by his company Speedtwin Developments, Ltd. in 1991 in the United Kingdom. The Speedtwin is an extraordinary and delightful aircraft to fly. Possessing outstanding flying qualities in compliance with FAR/JAR Part 23 certification standards and equipped with a patented powered aileron control system, it participated in flight demonstrations the entire week of the 1995 Farnborough airshow. This is truly a unique airplane that blends the best of why we wanted to fly in the past with what we want from the future. The ST.1 has been followed singularly by the ST.2 and its updated ST.3 version which flies in United Kingdom today.