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About SpeedRanger Aviation

About Us

SpeedRanger Aviation, LLC was founded in 2008 to bring a higher standard of service to the aviation community. With four generations of hands-on aviation experience in operating and maintaining all types of aircraft from J-3s to Jets, SpeedRanger Aviation continues to build on our past to bring you a newer, integrity-driven aviation product.

Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, in a new, purpose-built, ecologically friendly facility, we specialize in maintaining and supporting the Continental A-65 thru A-80, C-75 thru C-90 and O-200 series engines as well as antique and classic aircraft such as the Taylorcraft, Piper J-3, Ercoupe and Cessna 120, 140 and 150. In addition we develop airframe and powerplant STCs as well as patented tooling for aircraft powerplant support and maintenance. We also have in-house a National Test Pilot School trained Technical Pilot Course graduate focused on FAR Part 23 and 25 certification flying standards.

SpeedRanger Aviation’s four cornerstones that guide us and why they are important are:


Quality wins over quantity.


Believe in what you do and do what you believe in.


Respect the past and build on it.


Know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.

Contact us and let us share with you our belief that Quality is superior to quantity; Integrity is always mandatory in all that we do; and that our four generations of aviation Heritage combined with a timeless Vision of the past, present and future will always guide SpeedRanger Aviation, LLC.